Located on the slope of the Bucegi Mountains prahovean the bucket of lineage Caraimanului Valley, on a terrace called the Low Saddle Caraimanului, cottage is located in a very picturesque position. From its terrace one can admire, among impresionanţii walls of Caraimanului and Jepilor Small Jepilor Valley (or Caraimanului), which sank to Logs beyond which are seen Baiului Mountains.

Altitude: 2025 m
Spring water (temporary).
gas heating.
Land slopes for advanced and beginners, near the cottage (season, December-April 30).
C.F.R. stations the nearest: Busteni and Sinaia, on Bucharest – Brasov.
Access roads
From logs and Sinaia, the same as for cottage Babele, the road marked with yellow tape following phone line to share 2 120 separated path marked with blue dot that connects directly with chalet Caraiman.

Trips to surroundings
Monument on Caraiman on Brina Great Caraimanului. The trail is unmarked and causes vertigo uncommon to look to the depths of the precipice, is accessible only in summer, duration approx. l hour. return may be on the path that ascends and descends to the top of Caraimanului Babele.
In Babel’s cottage, and from there to all the cabins on the Bucegi plateau and Ialomita Valley, described as access roads for these cabins.

The crown crowned Cross Heroes, Prahova V. Caraimanul dominate over logs, providing one of the most magnificent views of the Bucegi prahovean slope. Or face the eastern slope forests Caraimanului rises above a level difference of 500-700 m and is lined by a single large valley, V. Seacă a Caraimanului, a tributary of the White Valley.

Unlike the other flank, the southern and southeastern slopes from V. Jepilor brine is crossed by numerous very rich vegetation. The most important is that starting from V. Brina Portiţei Jepilor 1 850 m altitude, slope reaches the point Portiţa Caraimanului center, is then continued until the valley Seci. Above Portiţii Brina, slope presents brine 5 floors, of which the first 4 are Brînele Caraimanului low and the upper, Brina Great Caraimanului, the tourist trail, which connects the upper portion of the valley Jepilor with Şeaua Caraimanului, where the Cross Heroes. From here, continue on the northern slope Brina by Brina White Valley in the lead up this valley. One more important depression brăzdează southeastern flank of Caraimanului, V. foam in the right confluence with V. Jepilor former sandstone quarry in logs.
Caraimanul is separated from the neighboring mountain south, Jepii Small, in deep depression formed by V. pines, called V. Caraimanului. Valley draws its Obirsiei the plateau, and from its edge forms a break of slope near 200 m, Niagara Caraimanului. Adînceşte valley and then the sides strongly inclined to the confluence with V. Prahova Logs.